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About Us

Youth Studies Centre (YouSure), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Gadjah Mada University is a studies centre established to strengthen studies in youth issues,  analyze youth problems in Indonesia  (fill in the gap of knowledge and lack of academic issues of youth studies); advocate social issues and youth policies based on research and knowledge (knowledge-based youth advocacy); and encourage development of youth network, both in local, national, and international level (capacity building and developing youth social networks).


Became research and community service institute in youth issues which contribute in development of knowledge and national


  • Do research, studies, and publish academic text related to youth issues.
  • Advocate youth policies and develop youth empowerment based on research and studies.
  • Disseminate alternate ideas and discourses about youth publicly.
  • Facilitate the network building between youth across areas, religions, political affiliations as horizontal lessons between youth as well as improvement of solidarity and unity of nation.


Our Works